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2016/2017: Student and Community Leadership Takes Center Stage

The Essex Bands program prides itself on demonstrating excellence as a lifestyle, and at the core of what makes our community great is the people. It takes a village to raise a band, and your involvement is vital to the success of our program. Our students are diligent, responsible, genuinely curious about learning, kind to each other, respectful of those around them and of equipment, and take pride in their work. We must do all we can to ensure that the future of the Essex Bands program continues this legacy. What can you do to help?

Parents, become one of our uniform officers, run a fundraiser, promote our program to the school board, attend Booster meetings. Colleagues and administrators, attend concerts, promote by word of mouth and through local publications, help our band by supporting the feeder programs at the middle and elementary levels. Students, run for band council office, audition for district and state ensembles, act as a section leader.

Our band program has the potential to be the best in the state of Vermont. How will you leave your mark on the history of excellence that is the Essex Bands program?

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